The guidance of a seminar on ” Consumption Tax Law Revision “

Our director Masaaki Takada gives a lecture in a seminar on consumption tax law revision.

For following two days, seminars titled “the background of the rise in consumption tax and a future prospect” and “information system corresponded to the demand by consumption tax law revision” are held by the sponsorship of the Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Only six months remain until the rise in consumption tax rate. Where countdown finally begins, we imagine that there are many companies which are in suddenly accelerated preparations for the correspondence to tax system revision. But it is a fact that there are so many companies where preparations in itself is hesitated because of ” ambiguousness ” of the change still more.

Therefore, please let us give a lecture mainly on “the latest information” obtained from the workshops of administration and the company based on the theme titled “the background of the rise in consumption tax and the future prospect” by our director Masaaki Takada (section’s chairperson specialized in Examination Committee for tax policy examination sent from the association of Japanese certified public accountant).

The contents will be based on “the latest information” fresh on that day, and the concrete trend of the consumption tax rate increase will be apparent from the end of August through September because it is expected that it will be leaked out and released.

In addition, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. will explain based on concrete requirements and example about “Summary of the consumption taxes rate revision “, “Influence on information system” , “Method of information system correspondence ” based on a theme titled “Information system correspondence demanded by consumption tax law revision”
Because the entrance free is free, we wait for the participation of all of you widely.

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It is for September 20 holding

It is for October 4 holding