GPC and B-EN-G develop in cooperation international accounting, tax practice support service using 「A.S.I.A.」.

Press Release

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation
Global Partners Consulting, Inc.

GPC and B-EN-G develop in cooperation international accounting, tax practice support service using 「A.S.I.A.」.

~We utilize knowledge of the international accounting, tax practice and plan the improvement of the service for customers in ASEAN.~

Toyo business Engineering Corporation, (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director Masanori Osawa, hereinafter called B-EN-G) and Global Partners Consulting, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director Yasuo Sekiguchi hereinafter called GPC) conclude a partner contract about global ERP “A.S.I.A.” (Eijia) that B-EN-G provides and announce that jointly promote the development of the value added service utilizing “A.S.I.A.” and enlargement of sale of “A.S.I.A.” in the ASEAN area.

GPC has a large number of CPA and Certified Tax Accountant and it is a professional company which provides such as mergers and acquisitions support, organization reorganization support, IPO (the stock listing) support including support about international accounting and the international tax practice. At the Singaporean office, we lay in particular emphasis on the support going into the ASEAN area including Singapore for the Japanese-affiliated company.

The aim of this co-operation is as follows.

Development of service fused among the specialized know-how in the international accounting and international tax practice domain.

We fuse the knowledge of GPC which supported the overseas advance of ASEAN area at a business level and the overseas accounts function of “A.S.I.A.” lined with results and carry out the higher utilization of “A.S.I.A.” at local office and the development of service for customers.

Commercialization of outsourcing service of accounting, the tax practice utilizing “A.S.I.A.”

GPC and B-EN-G develop accounting, the tax practice outsourcing service that used “A.S.I.A.” as a base system jointly and are going to start a service offer at Thailand as the first stage.

Joint enlargement of sale of “A.S.I.A.” in Singapore

GPC utilizes the results of support for IPO and the reorganization of the global organization on accounting side in Singapore where it has own subsidiary and develops enlargement of sale of “A.S.I.A.” in Singapore.

B-EN-G and GPC aim at the provision of service offer to 10 corporations in the next one year.